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2020/12/18 18:00


Hello! Thanks!

SpecialThanks misaki!

From today, December 18, 2020

SpecialThanks 15th Anniversary has started ★

Congratulations! Thank you!

The Official Site was reopened at this timing ♪

And! We will start "SUNNY CLUB" as a fan community!

If you register as a paid member of "SUNNY CLUB",

Videos of live rehearsals and off-shots,

You can enjoy special benefits such as member blogs ♪

As a benefit other than BLOG and VLOG contents,

・ Advance distribution of music videos

・ Sale of members-only Goods

・ Issuance of WEB SHOP member-only coupons (irregular issuance)

・ Holding live members only (for more than 100 registrants)

・ Send birthday message or video

etc ...

We are planning the above! * The benefits are subject to change.

And even more! What! Became a member of "SUNNY CLUB" between December 18th and 25th

If you register, we will send you a New Year's card with a member's autograph.

We strongly recommend you to register as a member during this period ♪

Let's liven up "SUNNY CLUB" with Spesan members!

Now, let's talk about SpecialThanks 15th Anniversary again!

Today, it's been 15 years since SpecialThanks was formed and performed their first live performance.

In fact, Spesan hasn't celebrated the anniversary in the 5th or 10th year!

It's kind of embarrassing to hold a birthday party by myself ...

However, it is still the 15th anniversary that the specials are still going on.

SpecialThanks members, former members, families, people involved,

You who have loved me for a long time, you who sent me love even for a moment

Because everyone was really there!

I really think that Special Thanks that everyone has connected!

Specan is also my band, but I'm not the only band anymore ...

That's why we all wanted to celebrate grandly, so let's do it grandly!

I will announce the live that will be the culmination of the 15th Anniversary first,

December 17, 2021, the final day of the anniversary! At Ebisu Liquid Room

SpecialThanks 15th Anniversary -Go To LIQUID- will be held!

For one year until that day, I laughed, cried, and shed blood (laughs)

I will run through, so I hope everyone can go to LIQUID together ★

I want to expose everything naked and deliver the state of such one year's activities to everyone

I decided to start "SUNNY CLUB",

Other content that you can enjoy with everyone is Spesan's YouTube channel.

SpeTube will also start in earnest ♪

This is not as naked as "SUNNY CLUB",

For those who haven't met Specan yet, to get involved in the 15th Anniversary

Male members mainly for the distribution of Cover videos and live performances in the liquid room

Through the distribution of planning videos to make it even stronger and more reliable

I will tell you the charm of the Spesan members, so I hope you enjoy it!

We will announce various projects of 15th Anniversary little by little!

On January 23, 2020, we will hold a project called "Special Clothing Store" in Nagoya!

We will sell acoustic live and limited Goods ♪

Postcards with interviews and postcards with [100 questions] will also be on sale ★

We are planning to start soliciting 100 questions from everyone on Twitter from around December 20th, so

Thank you for writing your question ♪

Then another interesting and exciting project!



I only do it from the songs on the 3 albums! Live

It will be held on February 7th and 14th, 2020!

It ’s called 15th Anniversary, so both are memorable places.

On the 7th, Imaike HUCK FINN, who lived at a live house for the first time!

On the 14th, it was Koenji HIGH who had a broken bone and lived on pin vocals.

Like that ...

I'm planning to announce a lot of other fun projects

Please look forward to it!

Anyway, everyone will be excited about the 15th anniversary of Specan ~ ★

You who read to the end ♡ Thank you very much!

BLOGs posted on this site in the future will be paid content!

Starting from Misaki, I will turn it in a relay format while giving a theme to the members ♪

Thank you for your continued support of SpecialThanks 15th Anniversary and "SUNNY CLUB" ♪

enjoy! !! !!

SpecialThanks misaki




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