Fan Community "SUNNY CLUB" opened from 2020.12.18

You can enjoy various contents for ¥ 500 per month.

If you register as a paid member of "SUNNY CLUB",

Videos of live rehearsals and off-shots,

You can enjoy special benefits such as member blogs ♪



As a benefit other than BLOG and VLOG contents,

・ Advance distribution of music videos

・ Sale of members-only Goods

・ Issuance of WEB SHOP member-only coupons (irregular issuance)

・ Holding of members-only live concerts (for more than 100 registrants)

・ Send birthday message or video

etc ...

We are planning the above! * The benefits are subject to change.

And even more! What! Became a member of "SUNNY CLUB" between December 18th and 25th

If you register, we will send you a New Year's card with a member's autograph.

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We strongly recommend you to register as a member during this period ♪

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