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2021/01/09 23:00


Happy new year.

This is SpecialThanks Gt. Toshiki.

The year-end and New Year holidays were fluttering and I couldn't update the blog. I'm sorry.

As all the members said, it's been a while since I wrote a blog.

When I was a student, content such as mixi, Mobage, and Decolog was very popular, and I often wrote blogs.

I posted a photo with the child I was dating at that time. I miss you. bosom

Well, I got a baton from Yoshida-kun.

The theme is [man and woman]. What kind of theme is it? Lol

I've always thought about it, and although men and women belong to the same human being, I think they are completely different creatures.

The shape of the genitals is different in the first place, and we men do not have bloated breasts.

There is also a concept of masculine and feminine in thinking circuits and gestures.

There is also a world of men and a world of women.

Hmm. Well, men and women are completely different from each other, so I think they are attracted to each other.

I don't have it, but I wish the other person had it.

It's amazing that the flow of finding the opposite sex that suits you, romance, and leaving offspring has continued for a long time.

Are you in love with everyone reading this blog?

I've been motivated by love since I was shaken by a child I had been dating for a long time around autumn. Lol

Even so, both men and women can change for the better or for the worse depending on the person they are dating.

In 2021, I will hone myself and play the guitar in a cool way so that I can improve myself and meet a good partner. Lol

Is it okay for a blog to look like this?

I've always liked writing sentences, so it was fun. I'm sorry for the strange content. Lol

Next, I will give misaki a baton of [Special Thanks]!

Everyone who read Sanctuary ★




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