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2020/12/27 19:21


It was written on the baton from Kosuke, but recently the members have called me a cheerful seal! !! Wasshoi! Hugh! !! Foooooo! !!

Is it the first time in high school to write a blog?

At that time, I made my own homepage on a site called mobile space, where I wrote a diary (I think the word blog wasn't widely used at that time) and posted photos taken at school. I missed playing!

After that, I was very happy to connect with the site that cool girls of other schools are doing with the link on the homepage, and I was excited about who I guessed, etc.

Also, the profile is abbreviated ... If you give it up, there is no end to it, so around here (laughs)

The theme I got from Kosuke this time was [drums].

When it comes to musical instruments, the first thing that comes up is "when did you start?", So I think I should write about it lightly.

When I was in the middle 1, I thought it would be nice to see the older brother playing the drums at the 175R, Mongol800, and Hi-Standard at the school festival. I wonder if it was a chance

I don't really remember whether it was because it was cool or because it was popular!

Then, when I was in the middle of 3, I decided to play a band at a school festival, so I think I started playing drums naturally! ?? I feel like I hit it for the first time at that time!

I often hear stories like everyone wants to play guitar vocals and loses to rock-paper-scissors and becomes a drum, but I'd rather do it myself, which is the opposite of that! I think it was!

Brothers who are close in age tend to be influenced in various ways, and at that time we were doing Hi-Standard as well as our brother.

So, when I became a high school student, I played a copy band such as Hi-Standard, hawaiian6, over arm throw, and locofrank.

Anyway, Melodic Hardcore is the best! !! !! J POP !? ?? That's it! !!

It's a hungry demon who doesn't know music like that, and two beat is the best in the world with a single pedal! !! !! This is what I thought

(Now, I can understand the goodness of J-POP and learn a lot, and I really think that good things are really good.)

(I still think that two beats are the best with a single pedal, so I'd like to continue to stick to singles!)

From here, I'm going to enter the zone where I become a college student and start to know songs and various music, but this time it's up to here!

I will write a sequel when the drum baton comes around again!

Next time, I'll connect the [man and woman] batons! It's a deep word lol

nice to meet you! !!

I love you who watched until the end! !! Well then

It's good



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