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2020/12/23 19:03


We are about to close the curtain in 2020, which has been swayed by various things. How are you all? I recently bought an electric stove as a measure against the cold, but Ba.KOUSUKE is quite warm and happy both physically and mentally.

The relay blog that came!

It's a content that seems to be quite fun to connect the keyword "baton" to the next posting member with 4 members, ...

Somehow ... it feels great! !!

Oh !? SUNNY CLUB ~ !? Paid blog ~ !?

To you who are watching me

Special thanks. (Dawn !!)

so! The important last post is a baton from misaki-chan


This baton is pretty hot for me, and I feel like I can write it no matter how many times this baton is handed over. As you can see from that person. Lol

Speaking of "light", after all

From the 4th album [SUNCTUARY]

[M-4] Change to light

Will come out! That hit tune with too strong song power.

When Misaki-chan brought this song by playing and heard the song title

(Eh! This! Lie! My song? Eh! Is it okay?)

I remember that it became selfish.

Why did that happen?

My real name is Kosuke

Kou writes "light".

So when you look at the letters "light" from long ago

It gives me a sense of intimacy, and it becomes a mysterious feeling like something like mine. (Transferred)

Well, after all, it wasn't just a song for me at all.


No, blogging is fun!

Thank you so much for having fun writing next time.

Alright! next…

Cheerful sign Ta-chan, to YOSHIDA-kun again

Pass the "drum" baton!

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